Cash McCool

Cash Mccool picks have been independently monitored. In baseball last year I was 175 wins and 125 losses. In football I played 61% for the year including 5 weeks of all teams winning. I like giving out picks that we feel there is a substantial betting edge through our research. I like to study and find one good highly valued pick a day to give my customers a chance to win.

Cash McCool, played high school basketball and college basketball then went to law school and practiced law for 30 years. As a lawyer a couple of my lawyer friends were high rollers and I traveled with them to over twenty casinos all over the world as premium players.

Cash McCool started his handicapping service in 1990 pre internet and joined all the the handicapping tournaments in the various locations. These are some of my highlights: In one contest in NFL I came in second out of 120 high rollers picking all NFL winners in three day period in 1991. In 1995 1996 I entered Palace Station Football Handicapping contest and it had 25,000 entrants. You had to pick every NFL game all year, I came in 63 in 1995 and 73 in 1996. In 1995 I went to Vegas for ten days and placed a baseball bet everyday and in the ten day period went 15-0 won every game I played. I look forward to working with you and giving you the edge needed to win.